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David Brandt

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Pinole Farmer's Market

March 16, 2024

Two members of the Berkeley chapter worked together at a farmer’s market in the nearby town of Pinole.  Dave, the chapter coordinator went out with first timer Ed.  Ed had always been apprehensive about doing street evangelizing, even though he is willing to pray outside of abortion clinics.  But he spontaneously decided to just go for it and give it a try.

We gave away probably about 40 rosaries and 10 “My Daily Prayer” pamphlets. There was a local vendor selling clam chowder who sent woman in his booth over to ask me to bring him a red rosary.  I went over to hand him the rosary and notice it had a miraculous medal on it.  I told him I would be right back with something to read about the medal. When I got back, he said, “I want to give you a soup.”  It was around 11:30 and I had not eaten since the night before.  That was one good bowl of soup.

Ed ended up being a real natural. He was very comfortable engaging with people and was very kind and interactive with them.

The main interaction of the day was a young  women who was very open to discussing her faith.  She shared how she had grown up with Catholic grandparents and went on to become a Baptist.  She shared how she had become disillusioned with organized religion because she had seen ordinary people make difficult compromises financially because of tithing as an example.

I addressed her issues about being disillusioned with Protestant churches with the “Bible Alone?” pamphlet.  I talked about how using the Bible alone can lead to divisions and misunderstandings when there is no true authority. Then I gave her “Why Be Catholic”.

I asked her if she read the Bible much and she said, “I learned to read by reading the Bible.” So I gave her a Lectio Divina pamphlet.  I told her how it was an ancient method that can help yield great spiritual understandings.  We finally at the end of our discussion exchanged names.  Her name was Christine.  “So you were named after Christ.” I said. She smiled and shrugged a yes. She was very grateful for our discussion and thanked me by saying, “Well maybe I was meant to be here today.”SPSE Team Photo