Evangelist Dee helps a Mormon on a break from a bike ride.

Today, we went evangelizing at a place called El Cerrito Plaza in the town of El Cerrito, near Berkeley, California. Each time we go out, we get a little more comfortable. We had some good interactions and some misses.
In hind sight, I recognized at least 3 opportunities I had to ask the opening “threshold” question from Sherry Weddell’s book, Forming Intentional Disciples. That question is “Can you describe your relationship with God to this point in your life?” I am not beating myself about this, I just mean to acknowledge the misses so that next time, I will be more conscientious about recognizing those opportunities when they come.
Good Interactions-

We shifted from a free Rosary give away (which by itself is good) to engaging people more; finding out who they were, asking them some questions about their faith life.

  • For example, one woman who said no to a free Rosary suddenly stopped and said, “On second thought, I think I WILL take one.” We found out that she was a fallen away Catholic. we discussed where she went to Mass when she did go and how great it is to be able to go to Mass when you travel.
  • We also met a woman who lives in walking distance of St. Jerome’s, a local Catholic Church who had no faith tradition but wanted one. Dee gave her a couple of brochures and she thanked us and went to finish her lunch break
  • Another young woman we met was wearing a Rosary and had no idea how to use it. She received a How to Pray the Rosary pamphlet.

Being Choosy with Responses
There were a lot of temptations to answer back the over the shoulder comments folks make as they walk away. For example, we ad one person tell us she thinks the Church was evil because of the sex abuse scandal. This individual was a good 15 yards away and turning the corner by they time their diatribe was through. What can you do but pray?

The one I could NOT resist was a man with his family who said, “No thanks, we’re Christians.” to which I answered, “We’re Christians too.”