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Country: United States
State or province: California

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David Brandt

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Chuck and Dave work in downtown Berkeley

September 16, 2019

SPSE Evangelists Dave and Chuck worked in downtown Berkeley a week ago. They met their share of homeless folks as well as the Sunday strollers and shoppers.


Met a young man who is into chanting. He said that sometimes when doing this he will say the name of Jesus. Gave him a Rosary and asked him to try it out. Told him it’s just like chanting but it includes meditating on the life of Jesus.

Met with thee adults who wanted to know, “What’s the catch?” And we’re surprised that there was not one. Little do they know that THEY were the catch.

Met a college student who played football for Cal. He was new to Berkeley and said he needed to know a place to go to Mass. Directed him to the Newman Center.SPSE Team Photo

Chuck offering Rosaries on Shattuck Avenue near Berkeley BART station.