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A crisp day for Evangelizing in Berkeley, California

September 16, 2019

We evangelized in downtown Berkeley today. Here are some high-lights.
We are not alone.
Met a gentleman named Tim who was happy to see us. He was helping a distressed young woman who needed new glasses. He is discerning about joining a monastery as a monk. He did the courtesy of taking our picture.

Finding a searcher
Met a young man who is a Philosophy major at the University of California at Berkeley named Carlyle. He was open minded enough to want to sit down and share his current state of indecision about God’s existence and subsequently, if God exists, what faith path gets us to Him. He asked me directly why I believe. I started with Jesus being fully God and Fully human. I then shared how impressed I was at how counter Jesus was to the expectations of the Jews of his time by being a sacrifice for sin, instead of a military/political hero. I also shared how I have experienced Christ so directly through confession at absolution.
He was extremely intrigued by the fact that Jesus was fully God and fully human. He wanted to know how Christ’ humanness still exists. This lead to a discussion about the Eucharist. He went off with a Does God Exist and Why Be Catholic.

Mentally Ill, But I Need God too
Met a woman named Karen. She was clearly was somebody who had struggled in life. She was not homeless, but she had been disconnected from her family for years and appeared somewhat disconnected in general. I gave her a Rosary and a Rosary pamphlet. She said she thought it would help her. She promptly sat at a close by bench and started reading the prayers out loud, therefore blessing the manny passers by.

SPSE Team Photo

John, Dave & Chuck by the Berkeley BART station.