Mistakes to Learn By
Team members Dave & Betty worked in El Cerrito Plaza today. We had a gentleman who wanted to debate about the Church’s stance on contraception. I unfortunately took the bait. We went back and fourth about 3 times saying the same thing to each other in different ways. After some reflection, I thought of a more constructive ways to handle it.
Share with him my personal regrets about the problems that artificial contraception created in my marriage.
Invite him to state his position fully
Complement him on his deep caring for the state of human welfare
Give him my contact info and ask him to send me the statistics he was sighting and invite him to help me see the light, hence creating a friendship AND a long term dialogue/debate in a non-combative sezzztting.

I also had another gentleman explain to me how there cannot be a God because there is so much evil in the world. I blankly stared at him and said,”OK” and watched him march off. After I came home, I realized that there was a pamphlet for that issue and suffered the ole’ “Darn, I should have given him one of those!” Next time, I will be ready.

On another up note, Betty met a woman who wanted to know if we worked for the Diocese. Betty explained what we were up to and the woman told her that she does a lot of work with fallen away Catholics and took some pamphlets.