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Sharing the faith at the Berkeley Marina

September 16, 2019

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John & Dave on the water front

It was a beautiful day for meeting people and sharing God’s word. We (John & Dave) sezzzt up our table at the entrance to the pier at Berkeley Marina. Here are the highlights-
We started with a prayer to St. Paul. As we looked up at the end of our prayer, a woman was at the table making the sign of the cross with us. She wanted to know about what we were about. She was very excited and took a SPSE apostolate pamphlet.

Met a young couple who said they were going to church a lot lateley. They had been attending different churches, so we encouraged them to try praying the Rosary together and also gave them a Catholic Radio card.

Met a women and two kids who were very interested in the Rosaries and Miraculous Medals. I gave the daughter a Rosary instruction pamphlet and the mom promised her children that she would show them how to pray it tonight.

It was John’s first time out. Here were his impressions:
“As a novice evangelist from the Militia Immaculata, I found a gentle and invigorating experience in reaching out to the Berkeley Marina and Pier community. All the passersby, were congenial in nature and never hostile. Our key method was based on mutual respect for the nature of the event and those engaged. At times, some of the pedestrians were not interested. Eyes shift quickly away as you track them in their path. They do avoid you if they are not interested. But, those that did reply and engage in our hospitality were ever so grateful. I must say, that I am surprised of the outcome. As many as 20 rosaries and 15 miraculous medals had been handed out among 80 or so the people engaged, along with many brochures. We had only spent but one hour or so out there in the battlefield. One family even expressed the will to perform the rosary this evening.”

We debriefed over beers. Our waitress was fascinated by a miraculous medal laying out on the bar. We told her she could have it and she was thrilled. A great way to wrap up a great outing. Thank you Lord.