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David Brandt

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Fourth Street

September 16, 2019

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Today we had a wonderful outing on a beautiful Saturday morning on Fourth Street in Berkeley. Here are few of things that happened.

  • We met a woman who used to be a practicing Catholic, but thought that she could not participate in the church because she was divorced. We informed her that it is not divorce but divorce and remarriage that was what the Church teaches is sinful. She said she was divorced and not remarried. We invited her to come back and then gave her a pamphlet on the Eucharist and one one Confession and a Catholic Radio card to go with her rosary.
  • Another woman said no thanks to a free rosary because she was Catholic. She then wanted to know why we were out on the street giving them out. We told her we were answering the Pope’s call to evangelize.
  • A woman with her daughter said us she was not raised Catholic but her husband was. When asked if she what ever thought about becoming Catholic, her face lit up as she said yes. She took a Rosary, some pamphlets and a Catholic Radio card.
  • We met a young man named Brian, who is a former Evangelical. He had been attending an Episcopal church because he enjoyed the sound tradition. We gave him some pamphlets on Catholicism including one on the Eucharist and the Confession. I shared with him some of my personal experiences of growth that have come through the confessional. He said he liked the fact that we are extremely radical for being willing to evangelize in Berkeley.
  • We met a woman who writes for the The Catholic Voice (the local diocesan newspaper). She took some notes and pictures and gave us her contact information. While she was at the table, another woman came up to see what we had to offer. She had grown upuestions. in 3 churches and likes the Catholic Church. Chuck was able to share some of his insights having been a convert.

This sounds like a lot, but it did not feel like it at the time. We had plenty of folks saying no to the free rosaries along with some surprised looks and snickers at the offer. Even if that was all we did get, I know we would have walked away blessed.

Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.