Chuck met a young woman and brought her to our table while on her way into work. “I am so glad you’re here.” She went on to tell us the story of a series of suicides that had occurred in her family which were weighing on her heart. She took a rosary and some pamphlets and went to work. We told her that we would pray for her and her deceased family members. After wrapping up, we offered a prayer of thanksgiving and kept our promise to pray for this young woman and her family. You can pray for them too.

Another woman wanted a blue Rosary because it was Mary’s blue. She got very excited about the apostolate and wants to help out.

Met with a woman and her young son of about 5. He took a green Rosary. His mother said “Your grandma will like sharing that with you,” (indicating she no longer participated in the faith). I gave the little boy a prayer card with a color photo of Pope Francis. I asked him if he knew who it was. He said no and I told him his grandma would tell him. His mother proceeded to take him into the grocery store while he openly carried his Rosary and Pope picture with the assignment to find out who the man was. Tick, tick, tick . . .

We gave out about 20 Rosaries and $30,000,000 in Pope money. Those are so fun and easy to give out.