Overall, it was a quiet day. We gave away about 15 Rosaries and 10 Million in
Pope Francis bucks. It was new team member Tina’s first outing. She initially started out observing and then plunged right in. We were in a discussion with a a security guard who is on a spiritual search. I gave him a Rosary and gave him my Rosary talk which goes something like this- “Most people who we give these to put them around their neck, but this is not a necklace. These are prayer beads. The prayer is a mediation on the life of Christ. The Rosary works so well for me because it’s the perfect prayer for people with a wandering mind (this usually perks people up who can relate to this issue in prayer). And you will find that if you do this, you will have revelations about Christ that you have never thought possible.” Without missing a beat, Tina handed him the Rosary pamphlet. Then she asked him about his spiritual journey and shared with him some personal testimony about the value of RCIA.

Today’s best was a young man who I offered a Rosary to. Putting his hand on my shoulder, he informed me that I had already given him one on a previous day and that meeting us inspired him to go back to mass after a two year absence. This was shocking (in a good way of course) since we literally have no expectation of getting to see any of the results of our work. How can you not want to keep doing this when you know this kind of result is possible? Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ!