Here are some impressions from Tina:

Always interesting to hear what people have to say when we are at the
Plaza (it’s the only site I’ve thus far attended). My biggest
take-away impression is that people appreciate our being there.
I do think for some folks when they see us it’s a sort of “prompter”
for them to take a 2nd look at their faith. There is almost a curiosity,
and if they’ve put their faith life on a back burner, our presence may
serve for “re-booting”. I don’t think people are used to seeing
Catholics out on the streets, so that’s positive we’re there and not
being overly pushy, just open to what people have to say, and to
provide a few tools for their journey.

One last impression is I feel people need to be heard, whatever their
stance is, and we’re available for that-and to provide encouragement,
share our own experience that perhaps they relate to theirs and we are
there because God’s Power is so good we want to share it with others!!