Dave & Chuck working the table

Our evangelists approached many people to offer rosaries and engage with them about where they went to mass, they found a lot of people who admitted openly that they just don’t go to mass very regularly. Once we realized this, we changed tactics. The evangelist would engage with a new person and then ask, “Do you agree with 100% of what the Catholic Church teaches?” The person being asked would hesitate with thought. At this point the evangelist would say, ” Well guess what, if you don’t, that makes you normal. Take a look at these pamphlets and see which topic you have a disagreement with and take it with you.” At this point the evangelist would turn his back and let the person choose a pamphlet in privacy. Folks really seemed to appreciate this.

Our evangelists also enjoyed the benefit of some folks who were excited about their faith. One woman shared how her young son had insisted that the family say the Rosary together one night. It ended up being a transformational event for her and the whole family and now they pray it together every Friday night. The passion and conviction with which she told this story was inspirational.

We had a great time and met a lot of great adults and cute kids. Also enjoyed some great food and drink. If your parish has any events like this, it is well with your time to sezzzt up a table there.