There was an opportunity for an additional spontanious evangelization outing that was not on our publisehd schedule. John and Dave worked 4th Street in Berekely.
I did not give out any Rosaries, but did have a number of brief discussions with some folks who are Catholic and gave out some Pope Francis Bucks. John had a lot more takers than I did. I did re-encounter folks I had met at a previous outing there. Both of these parties were folks I had specficially ask for your prayers for. The first was a woman who was having a faith crisis. She was happy to report that she had recovered from this situation. The second was a woman who was healing from surgery on a foot or ankle ingury for which which she was waring a boot and using a scooter. She was moving freely with no boot or scooter so your prayers very likely had an impact on her. Thanks for your prayers.
Here are John’s impressions.
It was a cool and overcast morning. This place was more active than most of the places I have experienced before. It sits nearby a very active breakfast/restaurant joint. I was able to give out 7 rosaries (reds and purples were hot items today), 5 Catholic radio cards, 7 miraculous medals, 6 Pope Francis Bucks, 2 brochures on the Consecrating Yourself to Mary, 1 on How to Pray the Rosary, and 1 on Marriage in the Catholic Church and Annulment. I spoke in depth to about 4 different people and was asked to pray by another. Most people who got interested in a free rosary were congenial and to my surprise more Catholics were available.
One lady who was Lutheran accepted a rosary. I wanted to give her a “Why be Catholic” brochure but she was in-and-out in a hurry. Another who was not Catholic was interested in the Catholic Faith. She not only accepted the free rosary but also a Pope Francis $1,000,000 bill. I especially made sure she understood the value of the Miraculous Medal and how to use it.
Then there was one Catholic gentlemen who was going to be married through the Catholic Church. He not only accepted a rosary but wanted more information about marriage in the church for him and his fiancée. He didn’t know about Catholic radio. I always made it a point to share with them that on Tuesdays and Thursdays there is a show where listeners who are not Catholic are calling in and asking the toughest questions. I iterated that I, myself, am still learning about the church today by the answers to those questions.
It was at the end of the day when a college student who was a Catholic accepted a rosary and asked if there might be an intention of hers prayed about. I realized that she was concerned about herself and others who are in the same situation which are on the fence about the faith. She wants us to pray for those lukewarm souls to be enlightened and brought back to Jesus. Then I prayed immediately after she left.
Overall, my impressions of 4th street were positive. I would highly suggest this experience to someone who is interested in keeping busy. It was the Lord who made my cup overfloweth! Thank you Jesus for giving me the breath that I take to pray for others and allowing me to be fit enough to share with others what you have taught me through the Holy Spirit.