Dave was in a conversation with a lady when I joined in, discovering she was Honduran – expressing special pride as a Latina when she was given a picture of Pope Francis. She admitted feeling dismayed about all the recent bad news around the world, but I tried to assuage her describing how mainstream media will drum negative stories and controversy 24/7. Despite that, there is a lot of unreported virtuous acts and bold people such as St. Paul Street evangelists who are out there proclaiming the Name of Jesus and the Good News He brings to all people.

An older gentleman, a retired faculty member from Holy Names University and an acquaintance of mine as a fellow mass-goer at Sacred Heart – Oakland, walked by and was surprised I was out there. I expressed how the Mercy Jubilee should impel every able Catholic Christian to manifest God’s loving justice to those who are in the dark, and this is my attempt at being a humble beacon. I gave him one of the DVDs on Our Lady as a parting gift.

Blessings of the Holy Family upon everyone for Christmas and the New Year!
This was one of the most action packed outings we have had. I thank you for your prayers. If you are curious about the pamphlets we give out, you can read them at this link- https://streetevangelization.com/tracts/

If as you read these accounts, you thought of good things that we could have said, maybe that is a sign that you would make a good street evangelist. Our current schedule is the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. As we grow, there will be members who will be able to do outings on week days for those who can’t work Saturdays. Do you think you are being called to this ministry?