Hello Prayer Warriors.
Our team went out on December 26th to El Cerrito Plaza and were very diligent about gathering prayer intentions. It is great to know that you are there to help us out in this way.
Here are the intentions we gathered that day-

A woman named Vicky who wants to go back to the Church but here husband Ron is not Catholic. She would like her husband to be open to coming to Mass and needs the strength to come back herself.
Another woman has 2 sick friends, Candy, who is waiting to find out her diagnosis for symptoms she is going through and Joanne, who is suffering with cancer. Also, this same woman has 4 children who’s father just passed away. Heir names are Alex, Elizabeth, Sergio and Joey.
A man named who’s 99 year old father Andre Barron is ill.
A woman named Sheila who has extended family has grown by 12 new babies this year. She would like your prayers for the health and well being of these children AND for their parents as they get accustomed to the new people in their lives.
For Theresa’s friends from her worship community- For Craig to find a job and for Myrna, who is dying from pancreatic cancer and for Peter her husband.
For Narmina Narona who is recovering from brain surgery.

Thank you for being willing to offer prayers, fasting and suffering for these people and have a Merry Christmas season
You brother in Christ,
David Brandt