The team of Dave and Tina went to El Cerrito Plaza on the cold morning of December 26th. It was a fruitful day. They gave out about 20 Rosaries along with instructions and about 12 pamphlets which call people to the Church and clarifying Church teaching. They made it a point of asking people for prayer intentions. This really means a lot to people and really opens the way to open hearted discussions.

  • Dave’s initial encounter was with a woman named Vicky who said she wants to come back. Her husband Ron is not a Catholic. They do spend time reading the Bible together. She demonstrated a great longing as she spoke with Dave. He shared with her some of his personal challenges from being in a religiously “mixed marriage”. Since she spends time reading the Bible, he gave her the pamphlet “Scriptural Reference Guide”, which gives Biblical explanations for Catholic traditions and “Reasons to Return”. She was extremely grateful. Please pray for Vicky and Ron.
  • Tina also received quite a few comments expressing extreme gratitude. A number of people told her they were glad she was facing the cold to spread the good news.
  • Dave got some push back from a man who was out with his son walking his dog. This gentleman followed the typical approach that the team gets from folks who don’t agree with or like the Church, a snide and inaccurate comment made over the shoulder while walking away. He was responding the team sign which reads “Catholic Truth” straight across the top. His comment was, “Are you here to teach about Catholic lies?” Dave invited this man to come back and expound on his comment, but he just kept walking. A while later the same man, along with his son and dog came strolling the opposite direction. Dave greeted them with a “Howzit goin’?” The man answered back, “Happy imaginary friend day.” So, this guy was an atheist.   Now mind you, this man was walking a dog who was covered with a very attractive red plaid sweater. Dave could not help commenting to Tina that the man seemed to have his own imaginary friend. Well, no use stewing about this Dave, just get praying!
  • Tina and Dave met with a woman named Sheila who’s extended family grew by 12 babies this year. She wanted our prayers for the babies and the parents of these children. Tina and Sheila also discussed the difficulty of the Christian approach to terrorist activities. She told Tina she was a Christian and wanted to know the difference between Catholics and Christians. After Tina’s explanation, Sheila said, “So all Christians are really Catholic in a way?” They gave her a “Why be Catholic”, a Rosary and a “How to Pray the Rosary”. She was very glad to have encountered the team. Please keep Sheila’s intentions in your prayers.
  • Dave met with a Baptist man named Greg who accepted a Rosary and a Catholic Radio card. As Dave gave Greg the Rosary, he made it a point to address the issues Greg may have found uncomfortable about praying the Hail Mary. He offered clarification on praying to saints and why Mary is referred to the Mother of God. Greg was grateful because he spends a lot of time in his car driving to and from work to support his family and said he needed a good radio station that is more positive than listening to rap music.
  • A man named Ka approached Tina wanting to learn more about the ministry. Ka is from Hong Kong and speaks Cantonese and Mandarin. He is a devout Catholic and wanted to know if he could at some point lend a helping hand with approaching the Asian community. The team gladly said yes and obtained his contact information.

The team appreciates your continued prayers for the ministry, for the folks mentioned above and for the following people who opened up to team members-
Woman named Monique asked for payers for her friend JoAnne who has cancer, another friend named Candy who is waiting for a diagnosis for an illness, and her 4 children, Alex, Elizabeth, Sergio and Joey who just lost their father.
Andrew Barron a 99 year old who is sick.
A woman named Narmina who is recovering from brain surgery.
A woman named Theresa has a friend named Craig who needs a job and a woman named Myrna who is dying from Cancer and her husband Peter.

Have a happy new year and Praised be God.