Steve shares at the table while Paul observes.

And from Dave:

I met with a woman who said she was Baptist and said her daughter had become Catholic. She expressed that she was so greatful that her daughter was involved in some form of Christianity. She took a Rosary and Rosary manual. I later met her husband not knowing they were together till she came by to fetch him. He started the conversation praising Jesus with a warm smile, Christ in his eyes and a hand shake. He took a Roasary as well.

A young lady while passing by mentioned that she was a “recovering Catholic”, a label that I have some issues with. Now we have working in this area for some time and I could sware I had heard this gal come by on a previous date mentioning this while passing by. It can be challenging to try to engage with people who make comments while walking in full stride because I do not want to badger people. But this time, I had Paul standing right next to me, so when she made her comment I immediately turned to Paul and said, “I hear that a lot, what exeactly is a ‘recovering Catholic’ ?” She immediately stopped and responed by explaining how she had been all the way through Catholic School, having an uncle who was a priest that she had had extensive discussions with and said, “Its just not for me.” My response was, “Do you consider yourself an open minded person?” She answered yes immediately. At this point I gave her a Good News and Why be Catholic pamphlets. I hope she reads something in there that can spark her mind or heart. Please pray for her.

Finally, I met a woman who accepted a Rosary and explained how she used to go to Mass but does not go any more. I asked her what she missed about it. She looked up as if gazing at a stained glass window and said, “The beuty.” I just nodded with a big “Hmm. . . Would you mind if I gave you sommething to read?” She said no, so I have her a “Reasons to Ruturn and a beautiful prayer card with a picture of Jesus knocking on the door. I just can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to be in the postion to do this for people. This minustry is such a blessing.