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September 16, 2019

Here are stories of evangelizers from our April 9th outing in El Cerrito.


Met with two young ladies separately who had very similar backgrounds. They both said they were Christians and that their grandmothers were Catholic. When I told them about the Rosary being a meditation the life of Christ through the eyes of Mary and that praying to Mary was not worship, they accepted the Rosaries and “How to” cards and pamphlets with great enthusiasm. In both cases, I shared how I have had some of my greatest spiritual insights happen while saying this prayer. The first one asked for a second Rosary for her boyfriend, so she went on to evangelize him with the help of the Blessed Mother. The second one showed me that she actually had a Rosary tattooed onto her arm! She new there was a spiritual connection to the Rosary but did not know how to pray it. I encouraged her to learn how and then go see her grandmother and offer to pray it with her. I told her that would really make her grandma’s day. She liked that idea.

Met a young man walking his dog who said he was Catholic but was not currently attending mass. He shared with me his dramatic experience of traveling to Italy and being unexpectedly swept away and amazed by the Vatican museum and St. Peter’s. He said those were the best three hours of his life. In addition to a Rosary, he was also given a “Jesus is knocking” prayer card and a “Reasons to Return” pamphlet.

Met a woman who had seen us at a previous outing who said she already had plenty of Rosaries. She was very glad to see us again. I offered her a Pope Francis million dollar bill which she loved. She wanted a couple of more to give to her sisters since she and her sisters all love the pope.

SPSE Team Photo

We had a new team member join us named Eddie. He was very comfortable with the process and connected well with a couple of people.


My end was pretty quiet for the hour I was there. I was heartened to see we were joined by young Eddie, the range of ages among us men is a great sign of the Holy Spirit at work.


The one that remains with me was Jose Salgado. He was doing the maintenance work, ash & trash, and didn’t speak much English but asked for a Rosary and prayers.

SPSE Team Photo

SPSE Team Photo

Also one fellow I asked if he would like a Rosary, who said he was a Jew and I said ‘so was the blessed Mother and her son Jesus’. He replied he only could hold one religion at a time and there was only ONE God anyway.

I responded ‘Yes that is so and we learned that from the Jews’. All this took place as he was walking away into a store and he turned and gave me a thumbs up sign.

While sezzztting up, a man came by to commend us with a big smile.  He said that he was Catholic and that it was good to finally see Catholics out in public evangelizing.

We also collected prayer intentions from 4 people.  Please pray for the following:

Jose S. needs prayer for Peace and Comfort

A womans asked for prayers for two family members-

-Jeff back in Chicago who is going through struggles with his family

-Her Niece Kitty who is getting a biopsy

Sa Juana- Peace in her heart