Eddie had three memorable encounters. His first one was at the table while he was addressing a small group of people on how praying the rosary can change you from the inside out in your understanding of Christ. Suddenly, a young man said, “I want that! I want to change from the inside out. I need to stop selling drugs and get right.”

He also observed a woman who was walking briskly past me as I was giving a rosary to someone. She stared in amazement as she passed. She looked at the Catholic Truth sign, then did an about face, approached me and asked for a yellow rosary. All I know was that she was suddenly there talking to me, but Eddie saw her transforming body language.

Eddie gave rosaries to two young brothers walking with their mom, probably aged 5 and 7. One boy looked at the crucifix on the rosary and said, “Who’s that?” His mother told him it was Jesus. The boy aske, “Why is he lying down.? Is he sleeping?” His mother said, “No, he was hung up. They killed him.” “Why?!” was his immediate response. “The Romans killed him because they did not like what he was doing, but because he died, he transformed mankind.” Who would have thought that handing a child a rosary could create such an opportunity for a child to ask his mother such important questions? Praise God!

I made it a focus to be diligent about asking people for their prayer intentions. It is amazing the kinds of burdens people carry in their hearts. When we see them walking down the street looking like they have some place more important to be, little do we know what is truly on their minds. People worried about their health, their employment, their close family members, society, desires for guidance, loved ones who have passed away. It was out willingness to ask for prayer intentions in a spirit of genuine caring that made strangers comfortable enough with us to share these things with us. To be able to be in that position is a true blessing.

The first man I met was a man named Willard. He accepted a rosary and said he knew how to use it because he was Catholic. When I asked him what we could pray for, he asked for prayers for his health because he suffers from diabetes. He also shared that is was his eighth year anniversary of being sober. I congratulated him and said I would add requests for prayers of Thanksgiving for his sobriety.

I saw a gaggle of young ladies who were all dressed to have a good time somewhere. They stood in a circle outside the entrance to the BART station chatting and joking loudly among themselves. I walked up and asked if any one of them would like a rosary. Most of the group initially acted like they were politely going to say no, when the most outspoken one said, “I want a pink one.” I immediately dashed to the table and grabbed a couple of pink rosaries. Then each young lady chose the color they wanted. I then gave them “The Rosary Album” cards which direct them to www.stpaulse.com/rosary so they could learn about it. They accepted them enthusiastically and expressed gratitude.  I asked where they were headed and they were going to attend a dog show. This lead girl said she was actually a cat person, but she was going any way. I pointed my thumb at her and told them, “Now that is true friendship.”

I met another woman who has a teen aged daughter who told me that she had been a guest on Catholic radio once because of some type of human service work that she was involved with. In an open an nice tone, she asked, “What is the rosary all about anyway?” I told her the it was a meditation on the life of Christ through the eyes of his mother and that she and her daughter should try it together and gave her another rosary to give to her daughter. She was so happy she gave me a big hug.

I saw this tall striking looking young man with who must have been six foot four. He had a full beard and appeared to be of Persian decent. He was leaning up against a pillar as if he was waiting to meet someone. I approached him and asked if he would like a rosary. He informed me that he was Muslim and was curious about the rosary. I told him it was a meditation on the life of Christ through the eyes of his mother and about how each bead had its own prayer. I talked about how each decade represented a new mystery and how fruitful I had found it to meditate on these mysteries. He was very intrigued and said Muslims have something similar. I asked him, when during his traditional prayers, does he feel closest to God. He really lit up talked about meditating on the “prophet” Mohamed and the prophet Jesus. Now I was not going to debate with him about Christ since Christians believe Christ to be priest, prophet and king. I brought him over to the table to give him the rosary brochure. At this point his friend showed up. He introduced me. I kept talking about the mysteries and mentioned how God’s understanding is so far above ours. His friend agreed with me by nodding and tapping his fist on his breast, as the two turned and headed off.

There were many other great encounters.  It was an outstanding day. We collected 12 prayer intentions in all.  Thank you to all those who prayed for us while we worked. Your prayers made a big difference.

Are you curious to see what its like to do Street Evangelizing but are a little scared?  One non-threatening way to see for your self is to come along with us on an outing with the intent of observing and praying for us and those we meet.  You might be moved by the Spirit to join us in approaching people OR you may find that praying for us while observing is something you are called to as well.  Either way, you are evangelizing.  Our next meeting will be November 2nd.