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Taking Out a First Timer

September 16, 2019

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One Saturday morning, on a day our had planned to go out to evangelize, nobody from my team of three regular evangelists was able to go. Disappointed since I do not want to go alone, I went and attended my Saturday morning menโ€™s Cursillo group reunion meeting. Well into the meeting walked another guy who rarely attends meetings. After the meeting, I asked him if he would like to come out to Berkeley to evangelize and he said yes. His name is Liviu. Now I have always been very impressed with this guy because he has such a beautiful faith and family. He grew up in Rumania where you had to take risks to practice your faith. He is a retired physicist and is very familiar with the area of Berkeley where we evangelize because he used to work at the University. Here is his experience:

I think the one hour we spent giving the rosaries and pamphlets was very productive. I gave out 10 rosaries and had a nice discussion with a couple who were expecting. They were not married so I encouraged them to get married. They said that they will after the baby is born. She was baptized Catholic, but now she and her partner are attending a nondenominational church in San Francisco. They got couple of pamphlets: Returning to the Catholic church and Existence of God.

Another lady took the pamphlet about existence of God. She said that she goes occasionally to St Joseph the Worker (parish in Berkeley).

A young man just moved to Berkeley. I told him about the Newman center and he said he will try it. I think that next time I will try to make eye contact when they are about 25 feet away. If they are too close, they are likely just keep going. Was a productive morning.