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David Brandt

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Cal Campus Evangelizing

September 16, 2019

We finally did evangelizing on the campus and UC Berkeley. We originally sezzzt up at Sproul Plaza, where the “Free Speech” movement was born in the 60s. Turned out another group was putting on some type of “Ray of Hope” event. They had the whole plaza reserved and asked us to leave. Even though we too were about a ray of hope, we agreed to move our table. We went across the bridge and sezzzt up right next to where they were holding a “College Days” event, a day where high-schoolers can come see the campus and go to booths to learn about financial aid and other programs to help kids get into college. We were able to evangelize a combination of college and high school kids. Here are some of the Spiritual Works of Mercy that occurred.

Counseling the Doubtful

Eddie had a good dialogue with a college student who was struggling with balancing his faith life and prayer life. It was an opportunity he might not have had if we had not been there. He connected well with quite a few students as well as parents who were accompanying their young adult children to the event.

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Redirecting the Sinner

A high school kid who accepted a rosary said he was Catholic but that he does not go to Mass very often. I talked to him about the difference between venial sin and mortal sin. I explained to him what happens when you die with mortal sin on your soul. I asked him if anyone have ever told him that before and he said no. I then informed him that not attending Mass is a mortal sin and that he needed to get to confession. I gave him a pamphlet about confession and sent him on his way.

Instructing the Ignorant

Met a couple of Jehovah’s Witness girls who were asking for directions but once they saw what our booth was about, they decided to ask questions. They were both baptized Catholics who had been converted to the JH cult. The topics we covered were fairly predictable. First was the divinity of Christ. Luckily, at our recent group meeting, we read through the pamphlet on this topic so I knew that it was chalk full of biblical passages to support this truth. They said they would take the pamphlet to their Bible teacher to review it with him. I guess the guy is infallible. Anyway I informed them that if they believe in the authority of the Bible, that they accept the authority of the Catholic Church since the Church compiled the Bible. We also hit on saints and I also contrasted the JH religion (less than 200 years old) and the Catholic Church (200 years old). They were very eager to counter my claims because of their staunch trust in the JH stuff. But they head a very hard time countering what I had to say and even demonstrated some outright ignorance about the Bible themselves. For example, I talked about Jesus stating “I AM” in his trial in the same way God identified himself to Moses as “I AM” in the old testament. They had never heard of the burning bush. I did not approach this as if I were going to persuade them of anything on the spot. My intent was to let them know there was a well formed answer to all their objections and I would let the pamphlets I gave them, time and the Holy Spirit do the rest.

All in all, a beautiful fall morning spent with the young and open minded.

Thanks to Chuck Pratto for the great pictures.