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A Giant day outside the ballpark

September 16, 2019

San Francisco Giants fans were streaming into AT&T Park on June 25th to see their team play the New York Mets.  Except before being offered a program or cotton candy or beer, they were first offered a free Rosary on their way into the park.  And not just any Rosary, these were Rosaries put together by the San Francisco team of St. Paul Street Evangelization team in Giants colors- black, orange and white. Members of the Berkeley and San Francisco teams of St. Paul Street Evangelization combined their efforts to give out 600 “Giants” rosaries along with may Rosary instruction pamphlets.

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We between 11:15 and 11:30 and said prayed together at Willie Mays Plaza. Then we divvied up the special Rosaries and sezzzt up 2 tables near the main entries to the ballpark. to catch fans coming in for a 1:05 start time. Although most fans who did accept the Rosaries had to get going so they could get to their seats, we still had time for a little conversation all starting with the question, “Are you Catholic?” This helped us help the fan. If they were not Catholic, we gave a quick primer how to pray it. For those who were Catholic, we encouraged them to take a little time to pray it. Some younger people would say that they want to give one to their mom or grandma who is a devout Catholic. To this we gave encouragement for them to keep the Rosaries themselves and make it a point to pray it with that family member as a way to make that person’s day. Other folks stopped to chat with team members at the tables and take advantage of the free pamphlets that were available.

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The best way to get people’s attention was with humor. My favorite opening line was, “Care for a free Rosary so you can pray for the Giants? They need it.” This got good chuckles from people of all faiths and got some folks to stop.

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By 1:00, we had given out our last “Giants” rosary. We gathered together at Willie Mays Plaza and said a decade of the Rosary in thanksgiving to God for giving us. Then we went to have a meal together and went our separate ways with a great feeling of satisfaction. The Giants lost that game, but as of this writing, they are on a six game winning streak. Coincidence? You decide.