In brief, I really enjoyed the unexpected and delightful interactions with people out on the plaza outside of the BART station. And for the first time, I could clearly see why opening our evangelization efforts with the rosary, in particular, is just perfect. There is a HUMILITY in relying on prayer, and with us approaching people from a soft, God-dependent, humble place. I’ve heard an analogy of humility being the string on which a rosary of virtue “beads” is strung. Without the virtue of humility, all the other virtues would scatter.

I had a wonderful discussion with an older man who shared with me. He had been away from the Church, spent time in the Leftist movement and with Protestantism too. He came back to his Catholicism with a passion. He is a musician and is using his gifts to contribute to the worship experience at his church. I was going out to evangelize and I got evangelized by his story.

I also appreciated the blessed salt that you used around our table. Evangelization with the St. Paul Street Evangelization team is not a job. It’s a spiritual experience. One we share with others. And in that sense, I feel like I am fulfilling one of the most important parts of my vocation as a Catholic, and as a Christian. Evangelization is Life, and more & more now, it is truly a prayer-based life for me.