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Billings, MT June 8, 2013

September 16, 2019

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So Larry and I were giving out Rosaries and telling people how to pray it. Then along comes the March Against Drugs and Violence going north on N. 30 Street. A guy sees our sign then comes running across and gives us a flyer about the march. He was really excited to see the “CATHOLIC TRUTH” on the sign and he told us he was raised Catholic. Said he loved the faith and always wanted to be a priest…but he also always wanted to have kids so he left the Catholic church to become an evangelical pastor, much to the chagrin of his mother. He continued to tell us he still loved what the church taught and sent his kids to Catholic Schools and they received the “Light of Christ” awards when graduating from high school. He thanked us for being out there, took a rosary, I gave him a pamphlet on how to pray it and the one on why he should return to the church. We exchanged cards and he told us to email him. After reading the flyer, found out he was the organizer of the march. God willing, we’ll have our first Revert.