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A Few Real Concerns - 2022-08-07

August 14, 2022

Amid a typical lack of interest or reverence, we encountered some real questions. So thank you again for you r prayers for the Boise Catholic street evangelization effort.

John, the parking lot attendant, came fairly early and again stayed for most of the session. This time, e. Chuck was able to talk a little about Christianity. John asked about the Church being called “catholic”. E. Lucy explained the “universal” nature of the Church, but he seemed to be probing for the historical origins. [From Catholic Answers: “The earliest document we have in which ‘Catholic’ is used to label the Church is a letter from Ignatius of Antioch, who wrote around AD 107 while being taken to Rome for execution. For all we know, the term was used well before that time—which is to say, in the time of the Apostles.”] As a deist, John did agree that it made more sense to live as if God were a reality, even if one wasn’t absolutely sure He existed, since we are all going to die and face God eventually. Pray that John will say yes to Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that God grant him the gift of Faith.

A somewhat heavy-set and seemingly economically challenged woman walked by. She yelled at us to stop tormenting her. May God grant her peace.

A man walked close to the table. When offered a Rosary, he shuddered and said he didn’t want anything touched by a priest. How did he know the Rosaries had been blessed? May God deliver and save the man!

Three college-aged men walked past the table but, after fifty more paces, turned around and came back. Two of the young men, all smiles, pointed at the third, who sheepishly told us that he didn’t have a Rosary on his rear view mirror and was picking one up for that. Though mostly joking with each other and not very forthcoming, it seemed that two of the men were Catholic although evasive about their current practice. The third said he was not Christian, so we gave him a Good News pamphlet, which he tried to give to the man choosing the Rosary. We encouraged him to not just display the Rosary, but to pray it. May the daily sight of the Crucifix draw him into a deep obedience of Faith.

A mother and two 20-something daughters stopped. They each chose a Rosary. The mom wanted the Rosary booklet in Spanish, which we gladly provided.

Several groups of Catholics went by, each group cheerfully calling out that they already had Rosaries. Some promised to pray it for us.

A young-adult man stopped for a Rosary, saying one of his parents was Catholic and the other a member of a pseudo-Christian religion, and that he was familiar with the Rosary. It sounded like he mostly participated in the other religion, but occasionally went with the Catholic parent to Mass. He seemed to not see much difference between the two religions and tried to pass it all off as merely a funny predicament. E. Chuck tried to explain the  seriousness of our relationship with the true Christ and how it could be deepened through praying the Rosary. Mother Mary, pray he choose, not between parents, but the true Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Altogether, we gave away 15-20 Rosaries and its pamphlet, as well as a Good News/kerygma pamphlet.

Please pray for us again today? Ask God to send people to us with hearts prepared to perceive their need for Our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and that much good fruit for His Kingdom comes of today’s efforts.

Thinking even for a moment about ultimate things raises important questions. We hope to point toward the Answer, Jesus Christ. So thank you again for your prayers and other support for this apostolate. In turn, may God protect and greatly bless you and all those you love!

“Go with the strength you have” (Judg 6:14).