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Christ, and HIm Crucified - 2022-09-11

September 18, 2022

Though people may be steeped in sin, they still notice the message of the Cross. So thank you again for your prayers for the Boise Catholic street evangelization effort.

Our session last week happened to land on the last day of a week-long promotion of a sinful lifestyle. A parade had been held the day before, and events were still happening. Loud music could be heard in the distance, and lots of people were wearing colors to symbolize their support for the problematic way of life. For us, this meant that lots of people passed our table!

A young man with a paper bag declined a Rosary, but wondered if e. Chuck knew of a homeless person to whom he could give his sack of food. The evangelist pointed him to an area that is a frequent hangout, and he went on his way. Then he stopped on his way back to say he had found someone to take the food. He commented that he passed our table frequently and appreciated that we weren’t pushy. His name was “Robby” and he had been baptized Catholic. His parents, however, had then joined a non-trinitarian sect and then, somehow, an anti-Christian religion came into his family picture as well. Naturally, he was now leery of religion, but decided to take a Rosary and its pamphlet and try the prayer again. He wanted a second one for a friend who was also seeking, and e. Chuck said he could have one if he read our “Coming Home” pamphlet and prayed about returning to the Church. He agreed. Pray that Robby sees past the damage his parents’ religious experimentation did and finds his way back to Christ’s Church.

A young couple stopped because they wondered what the Rosaries were for. So, e. Chuck explained the power and grace of the Rosary, and they cheerfully each chose one. May their openness to the Rosary prayer help them fall deeper in love with Christ Jesus.

A trio of teenagers (this little exchange happened more than once!) came to the table but paused when they saw the Crucifixes. Many passing people sported colorful strings of party beads around their neck, and it seemed these kids were looking for more. After they saw the Crosses, they asked what these beads were. When e. Chuck explained the Rosary to them, they said, “Oh, no thanks.” Pray for everyone who rejects the Cross of Christ. Forgive them, Lord, they don’t know what they do.

A man named “Stephen”, who wore a cross around his neck, cheerfully said he loved Jesus but didn’t want a Rosary.  He then told his faith story and his sense of being called to drive demons from people. He was heavily influenced by dreams,  was basically “spiritual, not religious”, and claimed, “all we needed was the Bible and the Holy Spirit’s guidance”. As the evangelist tried to help him see the Catholic perspective, he interrupted or cracked jokes, and then went on with his ideas. He talked a long time and did not want to hear anything that might contradict him, but then suddenly he stopped and asked what e. Chuck had to share with him. He shared the Rosary, its beauty and power, and showed him how the Rosary prayer takes us past our ego and self-will to put us more deeply into the hands of Christ. He declined the offer and returned to his “we just need the Holy Spirit” theme and left. Pray for Stephen, that his conversion will not stall in a spirituality of his own making.

As a couple walked by, the woman suddenly darted to the table. She seemed nervous and could not hold eye contact for long but wanted to know about the Rosary. After explaining and extolling the prayer, e. Chuck offered a Rosary to the man also, who stood a few steps away, but he did not respond. The woman gave a nervous laugh and said he was not a “Rosary kind of guy.” He did not respond to that comment either. Please pray for her safety and for a softening of his heart. May praying the Rosary bring her the peace and protection she needs.

Three giggling teenage girls rushed to the table, wanting Rosaries. One girl said she was Catholic and wanted to start praying the Rosary regularly. The other two readily accepted the how and why of this prayer. Pray they have the perseverance to let the Rosary change their lives.

“John”, the soon to be retired parking lot maintenance man, sat with e. Chuck for half the session. However, we did not have much time to talk due to the large number of passing crowds. But at the end, as the evangelist was busy putting the Rosaries away, John shouted “want a Rosary?” at two men who were standing staring at the table, unnoticed by the evangelist. They were both Catholic and in need of a Rosary. Pray for these young men, and Catholics everywhere, as they seek a more dynamic faith. And please continue to pray for John.

The lone evangelist gave away perhaps 15-20 Rosaries, and one “Come Home to the Catholic Church” pamphlet.

Please pray for us again today? Ask God to send people to us with hearts prepared to perceive their need for Our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and that much good fruit for His Kingdom comes of today’s efforts.

People may reject Christ’s call to conversion, but still He calls. So thank you again for your prayers and other support for this apostolate. In turn, may God protect and greatly bless you and all those you love!

“Go with the strength you have” (Judg 6:14).