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Deliver Us from Evil - 2022-09-25

October 2, 2022

Some souls sense that they’re “lost”, but lack the courage to turn around. We offer hope in Jesus Christ. So thank you again for your prayers for the Boise Catholic street evangelization effort.

A family with two children began passing us by, but then the man broke from the others and came over. He was encouraging the boy with him, about 6-8 years old, to select a Rosary. Though the father told us that he knew what the Rosary was, he seemed surprised as we showed him the how-to-pray-the-Rosary pamphlet. After the boy chose his Rosary, the man was reluctant to take one himself, until we extolled the virtues of praying it together. May that family be united in prayer.

“Dennis” came to ask us a question, making it clear he didn’t want to offend us. (He had picked up a Rosary some weeks ago, and was wearing it around his neck.) He asked, “Who is the god of this world?” We replied that the Triune God, Who created planet earth and the whole universe, was God of all. He disagreed, saying that another entity had told him that he was god on earth. Dennis said he had been in constant conversation with that one, who had also convinced him that, since Jesus didn’t talk openly to him, this other entity must be god. (Early in his encounter with us, Dennis had asked, “Jesus, where are you?” And then, surprised, reported that he’d just heard “a new voice” saying, “I’m right here.” Later, though, he returned to his claim that “Jesus never responds” to him.)  Dennis would briefly agree with us that his interlocutor was lying to him and that his soul was in mortal danger, but then he would return to saying the devil was not evil and was his friend. Although he chooses the enemy over God every time, he still thinks he will wind up in Heaven. We tried to clear up his misconceptions and to give him tools to deal with Satan, including recommending that he turn his back on this other entity and refuse to listen to him.  But Dennis would switch from interest to indifference within a single breath. He agreed to let us pray for him, and even clutched at the Crucifix on his Rosary as we prayed, but then he interrupted us with more questions and disagreements. At one point, e. Chuck suggested that our booklet on “The Dogma of Hell” might be helpful. When e. Lucy pulled a copy out of our satchel, Dennis’ eyes lit up—so  much so that both of the evangelists’ hearts sank. Earlier in the conversation, in response to e. Lucy’s showing him the promise in John 14:21, Dennis had asked, “What are the commandments?” At the end of the long conversation, Dennis he left with a how-to-pray-the-Rosary pamphlet, the booklet on hell, and a copy of our “Confession” pamphlet, which both lists the commandments that Dennis had asked about and offers the hope of a remedy if the Holy Spirit does convict his conscience. Pray that Dennis will stop cooperating with his worst enemy, and that he will value his everlasting soul over momentary bodily health.

Having just struggled to help a man who was giving in to temptation and making deals with the devil, the evangelists were quickly presented with the opportunity to make their own bargain with the father of lies. A homeless man named “Kit”, with long hair and a guitar on his back, heard our offer of a free Rosary. As he approached, he reached into the top of his shirt to clutch the black leather pouch (or “medicine bag”) that was hanging from a cord around his neck. Tucking the pouch back in, he told us he didn’t need a Rosary because he already had something, patting the “medicine bag”. For a while, we debated the merits of belief in the true God versus Kit’s muddled universalism. Then he suddenly decided to take a Rosary “just in case he met someone who needed it.” He carefully rolled the Rosary pamphlet around the black Rosary. Then he leaned forward, holding his “medicine bag” out towards us saying, “I took your religious thing, you should touch mine.” The evangelists declined his offer but Kit, in a wheedling voice, said, “If you don’t touch my religious thing, I’ll give yours back.” He then feigned putting the Rosary back on the table as he waved the “medicine bag” at us and, in a mocking tone, said, “Oh no, I’m putting the Rosary back. You better touch the bag. Come on, you can do it.” We told him he was free to give back the Rosary, but that we would not profane our faith in the one true God. Careful to keep the Rosary wrapped in the pamphlet, he put it in his pocket and returned to his muddled arguments. So, e. Chuck continued wrangling with Kit while e. Lucy turned to give away more Rosaries. Pray for Kit, for his freedom from evil and for his conversion.

Meanwhile, e. Lucy spotted a couple of young teens who had moved up close behind our table, perhaps too close. She offered them a Rosary and one of them accepted. Please pray for their conversion?

As the young people left, a homeless man accepted her offer of a free Rosary. And then another one did, too.

After that, yet another man stopped. (E. Chuck was still talking with Kit.) The latest visitor had a thick black beard and smelled strongly of an illegal substance. He was not Christian, but had paused because he was curious about what exactly the Rosary was. E. Lucy explained the devotion and offered to let him have one. He said he’d “go study up on it and might stop by a different day”. The evangelist said we were there every Sunday afternoon. She’d also offered him a copy of the kerygma, and he had declined that as well.

A passing Catholic man asked, “What do you call a Catholic sitting in the front pew at Mass?” We shrugged, so he gave us the punch line: “Late!” Thank you for the levity, Lord, and please bless the jokester!

About three minutes before closing time, “John”, looking less purple, strolled up, carrying his folding chair and leading his dog on a leash. We got into a discussion on the nature of Heaven. That is, John started telling his understanding from the religion he grew up in, and every other spirituality he had since encountered. E. Chuck tried to respond with the Catholic understanding, using stories from the Bible to illustrate. Then John said, with a wry grin, that now that he was retired he had Sundays free for the first time in 20 years, and no longer had an excuse for not going to church. Also grinning, we told him to get himself into church and invited him to Mass. Keep praying for John!!

Altogether, the two evangelists gave away 15 or so Rosaries and its pamphlet, a copy of “Dogma of Hell”, and a “Confession” booklet.

Please pray for us again today? Ask God to send people to us with hearts prepared to perceive their need for Our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and that much good fruit for His Kingdom comes of today’s efforts.

So many souls on the slide to destruction! So much work for God’s Kingdom! So thank you again for your prayers and other support for this apostolate. In turn, may God protect and greatly bless you and all those you love!

“Go with the strength you have” (Judg 6:14).