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The Rosary, a Prayer for All People - 2023-01-29

February 5, 2023

People of all religions, or none, are discovering the Rosary! So thank you again for your prayers for the Boise Catholic street evangelization effort.

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The remodeling show in the west convention center brought people out, despite cold and gray weather.

One of the vendors from the show made a special effort to come talk to us. She had seen several children running around the show with Rosaries, and said she had “always wanted one”.  She’d had a spiritual experience that morning. For quite some time, she had been ignoring the desire to get down on her knees and pray. But that morning, in her hotel room, she placed a pillow in front of the window, knelt, and just spent time with God. It was a very moving experience for her, although she lamented not hearing the Lord’s voice. Later that morning, someone else had made a spiritual comment, which she found encouraging. Then, she found us. She asked many clarifying questions on how to pray the Rosary, including how to make the Sign of the Cross. We encouraged her to not only pray the Rosary every day, but also to look up the day’s Gospel reading, and spend time with the Beatitudes, where God speaks directly about how to find His blessings. E. Lucy gave her a pamphlet of common prayers that include the Rosary prayers as well as the Beatitudes. Pray that her ears are as open as her desire to hear the voice of our Lord.

Two teens came to the table, a boy and a girl. E. Chuck talked with the boy, who had a Catholic parent or grandparent. E. Lucy talked with the girl, who said she had no religion. So, e. Lucy recommended she use the Rosary to get to know who Jesus is and how much He loves her. She also encouraged her to take her questions into the meditations. The young woman accepted the pamphlet as well as choosing a Rosary. Lord, may she soon find her way home to You!

While we were talking with them, a man came from the convention center, who wanted “one of everything” we had on the table. (These included our “Who am I?”, “Do I need a Savior?”, the kerygma, a Divine Mercy prayer card, and a Rosary and its pamphlet). As he was leaving, the man seemed surprised by what our signs say, but didn’t stay to discuss them. May God prompt him to actually read the pamphlets and to learn to pray the Rosary.

A mom, accompanying two children (of ages perhaps 8 and 3), stopped at a slight distance from the table, trying to talk her oldest daughter (?) into taking a Rosary. The child seemed reluctant to do so until e. Lucy then suggested she also pick one out for her mom, which she more gladly did. Meanwhile, e. Chuck explained the devotion to the mom and helped the youngest choose his Rosary. We encouraged them to pray it as a family.

A family of four cheerfully declined a Rosary, saying they were not Catholic. So, we let them know that anyone who loves Jesus Christ could pray this prayer because its focus was on Him. The father and children came to the table, while the mother continued to stand off to the side and expressing surprise that the Rosary wasn’t exclusively for Catholics. The father said he frequently pauses in his day to pray the Lord’s Prayer and was intrigued by the Rosary’s call to more meditative prayer. The mother continued to edge closer, and finally gave in and chose a Rosary, too. Lord, surround this family with your peace and protection.

A mom with two little kids at first declined our offer then let her children come to the table for a “necklace.” We explained that it was not jewelry but a powerful prayer that could be done together as a family. They then went into the home improvement show. Fill that family with the grace to stay steadfast in faith, Lord.

Another pair of teenagers stopped, of who knows what gender. One said he didn’t know anything about the Rosary, but believed in Jesus. E. Lucy explained the devotion and how it helps people grow closer in their relationship with Christ. By the time they left, they were smiling and thankful.

A man passed us by, saying he was Catholic, or, “I used to be”. Then later, he stopped on his way back to his car, now with take-out bags in both hands. His wife of 40 years had died some time before ,so he said he prayed and talked to her all the time, but had decided he would take a Rosary (for her sake?). Pray that he will seek comfort for his mourning in the arms of Christ and His Blessed Mother.

“John”, the retired parking lot attendant, made a special trip downtown to visit us. Please pray for his wife, “Linda”, who requires shoulder surgery.

We had been wondering if anyone even noticed our new table sign, which asks, “Why Did God Make Me?” Last week, finally, at least three people commented on it. None of them stopped to hear our answer, including two women who called out that God had made them “only to be of service to Him”. That was ¼ correct, but they missed out on the “to know, to love” … and to “be happy with Him in the next life”. But they didn’t stop.

Altogether, the two evangelists introduced the Rosary to 10-15 people, as well as gave away pamphlets including,  “Basic Catholic Prayers”, “Who am I?”, “Do I need a Savior?”, the kerygma, the pamphlet on how to pray the Rosary, as well as a Divine Mercy prayer card.

Please pray for us again today? Ask God to prepare people’s hearts to perceive their need for Our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and that much good fruit for His Kingdom comes of today’s effort.


The Rosary prayer indeed seems pleasing to God, and all His promises concerning it are true. So thank you again for your prayers and other support for this apostolate. In turn, may God protect and greatly bless you and al those you love!

“Go with the strength you have” (Judg 6:14).