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Staying the Course - 2023-06-04

June 11, 2023

Always a few say yes. So, thankyou again for your prayers for the Boise Catholic street evangelization effort. Two evangelists were available.

One woman went by, saying no thank you to our offer of a free Rosary (and perhaps asserting that she had “plenty of Rosaries”). About 30 feet further on, though, she turned around and came back, accepting a Rosary and its pamphlet and the encouragement to pray it daily.

Several Catholics went by, proclaiming the large number of Rosaries they had at home. We asked them to pray it once for us.

“Uwe” went by, but only talking about the weather. E. Chuck teased him into accepting a Rosary from us next week, to which he laughingly agreed. But e. Chuck isn’t going to be here for the next two weeks.

Some teenagers came to the table, although only two chose Rosaries. The one e. Chuck spoke with knew nothing about the Rosary and identified as belonging to a pseudo-Christian religion. So, the evangelist proclaimed the Good News of the one true God becoming man to die for us and rise again, and how He can be seen in the prayers of the Rosary. Our visitor smiled at all this and politely thanked us for the Rosary before moving on with the others. Pray that they reach out for the mercy and grace offered them by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

A homeless man with an unsteady walk paused to say he had just gotten out of the hospital because he had fallen down. Fortunately, he hadn’t broken anything. The Rosary he chose wouldn’t fit over his head so he gave it back and declined choosing another, saying he needed to find someplace to sit down. Pray for the physical and spiritual well being of homeless people everywhere.

A woman came directly to the table without being asked. She said she picked up a Rosary from us on a regular basis because she liked to give them to her family members. Pray for her efforts to evangelize her family with the prayer of our Mother.

On this Trinity Sunday, we saw lots of foot traffic but seemingly little interest. Still, the two evangelists gave away 12-15 Rosaries and its pamphlet on how to pray it, as well as a Divine Mercy prayer card.

Please pray for us again today? Ask God to send people to us with their hearts prepared to perceive their need for Our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and that much good fruit for His Kingdom comes of today’s efforts.

Even when it feels like “nobody is interested”, we still have a few encounters and so we remain encouraged. So, thank you again for your prayers and other support for this apostolate. In turn, may God protect and greatly bless you and all those you love!

“Go with the strength you have” (Judg 6:14).