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Jesus, Our Reason - 2023-10-22

October 29, 2023

Nothing is more important than Jesus Christ and His offer of salvation. So thank you again for your prayers for the Boise Catholic street evangelization effort.

“Owen” grew up in an indifferent, non-Catholic, nominally Christian family that never prayed or went to church. And so, at a young age, he decided he did not have really any faith. Although he is not an anti-God, angry atheist, he doesn’t believe in any particular religion or god. Yet, he wanted a Rosary, thanks be to God! E. Chuck laid out the Gospel message, hoping to break through his indifference. Owen then asked if nuns were really married to Christ, so e. Lucy explained the spiritual union with Christ we should all seek. Then he wanted to know if salvation could be lost, and we assured him it could be because we remain free. E. James then talked to him about Pascal’s wager (with which he was familiar), and encouraged him to dig into the lives of the Saints, where he could find examples of what the life of a true believer should look like. He also offered to go to Mass with him. We gave him several pamphlets: Good News, Who Am I?, Do I Need a Savior?, Why Be Catholic? and Existence of God and said he should come back to talk to us again. (Owen remained polite through it all. But to our invitation to return this week, after he’d had a chance to look at the pamphlets, he said, “not likely,” as he hurriedly walked away.) Pray, though, that Owen will continue to respond to the urgings of the Holy Spirit and seek a life-changing friendship with God through Christ Jesus.

One member of a passing trio, a tall man in an odd costume with furry legwarmers, angrily said, “If you offer that to me one more time I’m going to [be ill].” As outlandish as the costume was, and we pray it was only a costume, the evangelists could not remember making the offer to him before. Be that as it may, after they had passed, one of the trio, a woman dressed normally, came running back to the table wanting a Rosary. She chose one, and accepted a brief explanation of the devotion and the encouragement to try it. Pray for strength for all those who need to defy peers in order to seek the Lord.

A group of four teenage boys came to the table after one of them decided he wanted a Rosary. They were not Christian, so e. Lucy encouraged them to get to know Jesus, and e. Chuck gave them a brief overview of the Christian message. Three of them each chose a white Rosary, and the other teen changed his mind and didn’t take one.

A dad stopped when his pre-teen daughter wanted a Rosary. He approvingly allowed her to take one and encouraged her to ask e. Lucy about it. When the evangelist asked if she were Christian, the girl turned to her dad for the answer. He told her that we were talking about God. So, the evangelists told her what God has done for us and how the Rosary is a great way to get to know Him, so that we can live with Him forever.

“Matt”, a repeat Catholic visitor from a nearby parish, stopped to say hi and to introduce his life-long friend, “James”, who was in town to visit. They have been friends since grade school, 14 years ago. May God bless them and keep them faithful in their Catholic Faith!

About a dozen people in costumes went by during the session. Possibly the most creative were the man and woman dressed as thunder(she) and lightning(he).

A man came to select a Rosary. He spoke with what seemed to be a Middle-Eastern accent, and babbled the names of many so-called gods. He said he was a fan of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom he called “Miriam”, but was smilingly resistant to discussion of Jesus Christ as Lord. E. Lucy wasn’t convinced of his veracity/sincerity/trustworthiness, but let him select a Rosary. He said he was appreciative of our evangelization efforts.

Several folks passing by pleasantly responded that they “already had a Rosary”.

Three young adult men, carrying restaurant leftover cartons, passed us by then returned to the table to select a Rosary. They were unfamiliar with the Rosary and were pretty sure they weren’t Christian so e. Chuck told them the Good News, challenging them to respond to Christ’s amazing sacrifice so they could experience the life-changing relationship with God. They listened politely and offered us their leftovers before moving on. Pray that their cool, indifferent hearts will begin to burn with love for their risen Lord.

Altogether, the three evangelists gave away 25-30 Rosaries and its pamphlet, as well as copies of our “Good News/kerygma” pamphlet, and pamphlets on “Come Home”, “Existence of God”, “Why Be Catholic?”, “Who Am I?”, and “Do I Need a Savior?”

Please pray for us again today? Ask God to send people to us with hearts prepared to perceive their need for Our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and that much good fruit for His Kingdom comes of today’s efforts.

Our goal is, as in St. Patrick’s prayer, “Jesus Christ in the eye of everyone who sees us.” So thank you again for your prayers and other support for this apostolate. In turn, may God protect and greatly bless you and all those you love!

“Go with the strength you have” (Judg 6:14).