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With God, all is indeed possible - 2020-02-02

February 9, 2020

With God, all is indeed possible, even softened hearts! So thank you again for your prayers for Boise’s Catholic street evangelization effort. One evangelist was available.


The Feast of the Purification (Candlemas) occurred on an almost-a-national-holiday in the US, when a national playoff game is televised. Foot traffic was light and nearby parking was available. The weather, though, was gray, damp, and with drizzling snow blowing in changing directions. (However, it all dried up about “closing time.”)


At one point, a row of pamphlets blew off my table. About 6-7 young people rushed out of nowhere to chase them down and help pick them up. All but 3 were gone again before I could say, “Thank you. Do you want a free Rosary?” The last 3 declined.


Also, quite a few people, young and older, were staring intensely at their phones as they walked around. Several, when asked if they were playing a (formerly popular and somewhat harmless) video game, answered no, but were otherwise evasive. God save them!


The tall man, with sharply chiseled facial features and thick steel-gray crew cut, went by again. Usually, if he responds to us at all, it is with tension, a frown, and a sharp no. This time, I was just setting up and didn’t have any Rosaries out yet, but he smiled and waved when he saw me. (See? God does soften hearts!)


A man stopped. He had come into the Church about two years ago, he said. He chose a Rosary but declined its pamphlet, already familiar with the Mysteries. Then, when I pointed out how the pamphlet shows where in the Bible to find each Mystery, and how helpful that is in encouraging non-Catholic Christians to pray the Rosary, he accepted the pamphlet as well.


My second visitor was “Michael”, a housing-challenged man. He was happy to receive a free Rosary, and asked for one for his girlfriend as well. Although his life seemed to be in a shambles, he declared that everything would be alright, now that he had a girlfriend. I encouraged them to pray the Rosary together, and also to embrace chastity. God, please bless and heal them?


One male visitor wanted a yellow Rosary, just not the one with big, hot-pink Our Father beads. I dug in my bag and found one with plain, white ones. He happily accepted.


Another man wanted a black Rosary long enough to fit over his head. I again dug into my bag and, after a couple of false starts, found one for him.


My last visitor, a nicely dressed man with red facial hair, took out his ear phones so he could hear my offer of a free Rosary. He seemed to surprise himself by accepting. Asked if he was Christian, he said no, but he was “interested in other cultures.” Besides the Rosary and a copy of the one-page kerygma, he accepted a Catechism. Lord, please bring him all the home to You!


Altogether, I gave away 5-10 Rosaries. 1 copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, at least 1 kerygma. and maybe a map of area parishes.


Please pray for us again today? Ask God to send people to us prepared to perceive their need for Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and that much good fruit for His Kingdom comes of today’s effort.

Jesus draws all men to Himself, even today! So thank you again for your prayers and other support for this apostolate. In turn, may God protect and greatly bless you and all those you love!

“Go with the strength you have“  (Judg 6:14).