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What kept us away last week? - 2020-05-09

May 24, 2020

Heading out again today! So thank you for your prayers for the Boise Catholic street evangelization effort.


What kept us away last week? One evangelist had the good fortune to be tapped to take part in his parish’s practice run of their “drive through” mode of distribution of the Holy Eucharist, which is slated to go live today. The other evangelist found herself without a mask through which people could hear her.


So, we again prayed “together separately” from our homes: 20 Mysteries of the Rosary. Another big thank you to you who joined us!


Many governors are lifting restrictions (since people seem to be ignoring them anyway). So this pandemic may be with us for a while. Please continue to pray for its end, for healing for those wounded by it, and for salvation for us and our cultures?


Please pray for us again today? Our “table topper” shield for the Rosaries and pamphlets is not quite ready yet. So we again plan to stand (masked and gloved) between our signs, praying the Rosary out loud, and offering them to anyone willing to accept a Rosary that has been “untouched by ungloved hands”. Please ask God to grant that much good fruit for His Kingdom comes of today’s efforts?

The need for salvation continues, and so do our efforts. So thank you again for your prayers and other support for this apostolate! In turn, may God protect and greatly bless you and all those you love!

“Go with the strength you have“ (Judg 6:14).