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People still searching for the Truth - Jesus! - 2020-07-05

July 25, 2020

A man stopped, excited because his wife had just had their first-born son, “Anthony”. The new dad was still wearing his hospital badge and wrist ID band. His wife had needed a C-section, but was doing fine now. The man was out to get some food (presumably unavailable from the hospital cafeteria). He accepted our only baby blue Rosary for his new boy. Happy birthday Anthony, may your life be one of steadfast love for Christ Jesus and his Church!


A man, perhaps in his early 30s and named “Cody” (or “Cory”?), talked awhile with evangelist Chuck. Our visitor showed Chuck the non-Christian prayer beads he was wearing around his neck. Cody did not hold to any one religion, believing in a sort of loose mishmash of them all. He said he would meditate on this big whatever and ask for protection from ancestors. He objected to Christianity, saying it was unreliable, comparing it to the “telephone game” among non-oral cultures who have trouble remembering spoken words accurately. May God lead him to the truth.


A woman who stopped a couple of weeks ago, stopped again. She said she hadn’t yet given her brother “Dave” the Rosary she’d gotten at that time. E. Lucy gave her a copy of the “Confession” pamphlet for him, telling her that it had a good self-test of where his relationship was with God, and telling her that sometimes God waits for a movement toward repentance and the will to stop sinful habits before he reaches down with healing. The woman’s eyes lit up at that, and she said she’d tell her brother.


A large family group stopped and a couple members of the group picked out Rosaries. Others said they already had one, and one woman said she had stopped maybe a year ago and her children received Rosaries then. They were thankful to see the Rosary being made available to the public.


At least another four people that went by and said they had picked up Rosaries from us in the past!


Altogether, the two evangelists gave away at least 20 Rosaries and its pamphlet, as well as one “Confession” pamphlet.

Please pray for these people and our ongoing evangelization efforts? In turn, may God protect and greatly bless you and all those you love!