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2020-11-15 - Light but invigorating day!

November 15, 2020

There was one evangelist today (11/15/20) with a minimal display (Rosaries on the fingers of one hand, how-to-pray the Rosary pamphlets in the other). Foot traffic was very light at the Grove with the wet weather but I gave away six Rosaries.


Spenser was the first to stop, he declined a rosary but wanted to know about praying to Mary verses praying directly to Jesus. We talked about how it wasn't an either/or question and he acknowledged it made sense to ask others to pray for you especially if it was someone as close to Jesus as His mother. He then prayed for me, the people downtown, the city and the country and at the end of his prayer he asked "Jesus's mamma" to pray for all those people too. May the mother of our Lord draw Spenser closer to Christ.


Three college roommates accepted Rosaries, they were non-Catholic Christians and unfamiliar with the rosary. They seemed enthusiastic about spending time meditating on the life of Christ in prayer and how that calls us to change and seek a deeper relationship to Him. May they have the courage and persistence to encounter Christ and His mother in prayer.


A man with a broken foot and a fuzzy pink hat wanted a rosary but became less enthusiastic when he found out it was for prayer. Call him to you Lord Jesus!


The other two rosaries went to people who had been "raised Catholic" but were no longer practicing. May these prayers call them back to the Church.


Pray also for the hostile man who shouted the word "evil!" at me and the young lady who bragged that she was drunk. May God shower them with mercy, grace and love.


Thank you for your prayers!