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Doesn't believe in the rosary because he is Christian - 2020-11-22

November 22, 2020

It was chilly but sunny today (11/22/20) which brought the crowds out downtown. Only evangelist Chuck was present again but this time I had the signs, table, brochures and a wide variety of Rosaries. I lost count but we gave away at least a dozen Rosaries.


As I was setting up the table a man leaned over the display and declined a rosary because, he said, "I don't believe in it." I asked why not and he replied "because I'm a Christian." He stormed away as I tried to engage him more. Pray he is willing to engage in a deeper conversation next time.


Tyson also declined a Rosary but stayed to talk for ten minutes. A former Catholic he wanted to know what my favorite "tenet" was. I extolled the Eucharist but it seems that was not what he was after. He said he was a physicist working on a unifying theory (not string theory) that took into account the spiritual. He believed the golden rule was the unifying principle God gave us and espoused a universalist view. Though he was not moved by our discussion pray that he will hear the Holy Spirit calling him back to Christ.


A man who was a former Catholic took a Rosary and pamphlet but hurried off because he was looking for someone. Later he came by with the friend who received a Rosary but said he was Christian, not Catholic, because he didn't pray to saints. To my explanation he just replied that he was an evangelical. Later these two men brought three more men who all wanted rosary's. One was a Catholic and another was fascinated by the idea of praying the mysteries. May Mary draw them closer to Christ.


A young man, non-Catholic, accepted a Rosary and said he had given up on church because he had questions about science that he couldn't get answered. I assured him that Catholicism loved the sciences and could answer his questions but he only grew quiet, thanked me for the Rosary and moved on. Pray he returns to ask his questions, pray he seeks out the true Church.


A man and wife on bikes stopped and I recognized his bike and remembered he got a rosary in the past. He had not prayed with it but it hung on the rear view mirror in his car. He said that even though he was a "doubter" the sight of the cross gave him a "weird" good feeling. I suggested he try praying it as it was wrong to doubt something you've never tried. Pray he reaches for the Rosary in prayer and has an encounter with the living God.


An elderly Catholic couple chose a Rosary to replace their broken one. They prayed it everyday and she related her encounter with Our Lady in a church in Mexico seeing Mary, smiling, wrap her arms around her sick grandson. The grandson is still struggling with his health but is, due to this story, devoted to Our Lady. Pray for the young man's health and thank God for this example of faith, hope and love.