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2020-11-29 - A lot of ex-Catholics out there

November 29, 2020

The foot traffic was very light today (11/29/20) in downtown Boise so I only gave away four rosaries. There are a lot of ex-Catholics out there. Mother Mary, draw them back to your son's Church.


A woman accepted a rosary and pamphlet, she is an ex-Catholic and attends no church now confident that God is in her heart and that's all she needs. She was adamant that no one should argue about religion, that all religions are good as long as you believe in God (god?). When I pointed to the necessity of communion and the Eucharist she quickly agreed but said the Church had too many other things she disagreed with ("some good but a lot I can do without") so she was done with it. She would not elaborate. She was thankful for the rosary and said it was one of the "good things". I expressed the wish that she would come back to the Church and she said, "you never know." For the sake of Your sorrowful passion, Lord, have mercy on us and the whole world.


A man accepted a Rosary and pamphlet and said his teenage daughter had received one a week or two ago and kept it on her dresser. She and some friends were nearby though they did not come to the table. The man said his in-laws were Catholic but he was Protestant but he had "no problem" with Catholics and was glad to have his own rosary. He promised to read the how-to-pray-the-rosary pamphlet and I encouraged him to come back with his questions. May Our Lady's prayer draw him closer to her son.


A teenage boy I recognized stopped and said he still had his rosary though he had not prayed it. But he wanted me to know he had read through the pamphlet though he seemed unmoved by it. May the Holy Spirit move him to study the pamphlet again and dare him to pray.


Thank you for all your prayers of support.