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A plethora of evangelists last week! - 2020-12-06

December 16, 2020

A plethora of evangelists last week! So thank you again for your prayers for the Boise Catholic street evangelization effort.

Two first-time evangelists joined us: “Connor” and “Todd”. Connor had driven about 100 miles from his new hometown, east of here. He’s interested in starting a team there. People responded well to him. Todd has been following our “adventures” for a couple of years, giving us much-needed prayer support. He also donated several nice Rosaries, which had been gathering dust around the house. They found new homes quickly!

A 20-something man accepted a Rosary. While e. Chuck explained it to him, e. Lucy ask him, “Are you Christian?” He labeled himself as undecided, so we gave him a Good News/kerygma pamphlet. He promised to read it. May Our Lord call him to Himself!

Two women, who might have a lifestyle conflict with being actively Catholic, stopped. One enthusiastically accepted the Rosary that e. Lucy was holding, declaring she “knew all about it” since she was Confirmed. Lord, give them Light!

A homeless-looking man on a bicycle stopped. He had received a Rosary from e. Chuck a couple of weeks ago, but had lost the pamphlet. He received a new one today.

Another homeless-looking man stopped. He had belonged to e. Lucy’s parish as a child, recounting to us his first time serving as an altar boy. She encouraged him to get reconnected with the Church.

A tall youth in a ski suit bantered with us a couple of times. The first time, he and a companion stopped together. The friend enthusiastically received a Rosary, telling us he had been confirmed Catholic. The tall youth, though, proclaimed service to the enemy. The second time, he came alone, and mocked us by trivializing the gifts of conversion and Baptism. That young man is in a terrible place and really needs our prayers. Lord, have mercy!

An older Catholic man stopped. He lost his wife of 30 years and three months ago. To e. Chuck, he seemed evasive about whether he was going to Mass now. He wanted prayers for his son “Samuel” (?), who was going on his fourth tour of duty in an active war zone. Blessed are those who mourn.

A young couple came to the table. The man led, and the woman was teasing him about it. They didn’t know anything about the Rosary and, upon receiving an explanation, each accepted a pamphlet and chose a Rosary. May they contemplate the Mysteries together.

A woman on a bike said no thank you, but then circled back and accepted a Rosary and pamphlet. She told us she had gone to Catholic school in another part of the country. The Rosary she chose was in her hometown team’s colors.

A man on a bike wanted a Rosary. We set him up with one, but could not understand his mumbled speech. He seemed thankful.

Foot traffic was very light again. However, the four evangelists were able to give away about 15 Rosaries and its pamphlet, as well as 1 kerygma.

Please pray for us again today? Please ask God to send people to us, with hearts prepared to recognize their need for Our Savior and His Holy Catholic Church, and that much good fruit for His Kingdom come of today’s efforts.

The Rosary still attracts, and we entrust all those who receive one to Our Blessed Mother, and ask that she lead each one to her Son! So thank you again for your prayers for this apostolate! In return, may God protect and bless you and all those you love!

“Pray … also for me, that speech may be given me … to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel” (Eph 6:19-20).