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He is Risen! - 2021-04-04

April 11, 2021

He is Risen! Last week was Easter Sunday and most people seemed to be in a good mood.

The convention center in “our” business park was open again, at long last. The group meeting there was a multi-state gathering of a group that calls itself "apostolic". The group originated south of the border, and e. Chuck encountered them during his youth ministry days when leading mission trips there. The group is very anti-Catholic at heart. Yet, at least three of them (including one father of a family) accepted Rosaries from us! May Our Blessed Mother lead them and their families home to the Church that her Son founded!

A 30-something woman responded to our offer of a free Rosary. E. Lucy spotted the handle of a handgun sticking out of her purse. But the woman seemed friendly, and accepted a Rosary and a brief explanation of the devotion. E. Chuck didn't noticed the gun at all until she said, "This is not a real gun. It's a nerf pistol." "What are you doing with the nerf pistol?" "My younger siblings and I were out earlier today, when there weren't many people about, and we were [using it to play]". Pray she and her siblings find greater joy in spending Sunday mornings at Mass!

A(nother?) woman stopped for a Rosary because her mother is Catholic. Asked if she were Christian, she demurred and said she believed "it was all good." E. Lucy handed her a copy of the kerygma, introducing it as a one-page presentation of the basic Christian message, and encouraging her to use it to refresh her memory. She said she planned to read it at home where she has reading glasses.

Only a few people did not respond happily to our wishing them “Happy Easter”. But one of those few was a woman to whom the words seemed to cause actual pain. Pray for her, please?

A family went by on electric scooters. The dad heard our offer of a free Rosary and, after calling to his daughter if she wanted one, chose a pretty Rosary for her.  None of the other family members came near.

Two teens, possibly brother and sister, were walking a well-behaved shaggy little dog. They came to the table for a Rosary apiece, and gladly received e. Chuck's encouragement to use the prayer as a way to grow closer to Christ.

A woman stopped, very excited that she'd been able to go to Mass at the cathedral that morning. "The cardinal was there," she said. "Do you mean the bishop?" "Yes, that's probably right. It was very nice, with trumpets and other musical instruments." Welcome back!

Our pink Rosaries were very popular. We gave away all but two of our dwindling supply. Counting the pink ones, the two evangelists gave away at least 20 Rosaries and its booklet, as well as 1 map to area parishes, and 1 copy of the kerygma.

Please pray for us again today? Please ask God to send people to us with hearts prepared to perceive their need for Our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and that He brings much good fruit for His Kingdom out of today’s efforts.


He is risen indeed!!!!  So thanks again so much for your prayers and other support for this apostolate. In turn, may God protect and greatly bless you and all those you love!



"Go with the strength you have“ (Judg 6:14).