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People are happy to find that the Rosary is simply a tool - 2021-06-27

July 4, 2021

People are happy to find that the Rosary is simply a tool to help them grow closer in their walk with Christ. So thank you again for your prayers for the Boise Catholic street evangelization effort.

A woman, "Erica", stopped when she recognized e. Lucy from her mother's prayer community. A group of 4 other women were with her. The funeral for Erica's dad ("Art") was coming up the next day. The other women were some of Erica's out-of-town relatives on her dad's side. One claimed to not be religious at all, so e. Lucy gave her a copy of the kerygma and encouraged her to read it. Another woman told e. Chuck she belonged to a pseudo-Christian cult, and declined the Rosary but took the pamphlet. "Erica", though not Catholic herself, had her friends help her choose the pastel chain Rosary with square beads for her mom, "Donna". Please pray for the happy repose of Art's soul and for consolation for his family.

The "man with a backpack" from last week went by again. He declined receiving another Rosary from e. Chuck, but acknowledged e. Lucy when she recognized him. Please pray for him? She didn't mention it, but when he stopped last week, she felt a growing fear such as she’s felt only once before when talking with someone during this apostolate. That other time, the man was visibly shaking with anger; this time, she doesn't know why. Please pray for his salvation? God knows his name.

A 20-something couple stopped. Non-Catholic Christian, they each chose a Rosary after learning that the devotion helps people grow closer to Jesus Christ.

A man broke away from a family group to come get a Rosary and its pamphlet.

A multi-generational family declined receiving Rosaries when they passed us by. On their return trip, though, the father encouraged the two girls (perhaps 6 and 10 years old) to get themselves a Rosary. The older girl, when asked if they were Christian, replied equivocally. So, besides Rosary and pamphlet, e. Lucy gave her a copy of the kerygma.

A homeless-looking man stopped for a Rosary when he found out they were free. Although raised Catholic, he was not too familiar with the devotion. E. Lucy explained it briefly and gave him the pamphlet with which to pray along.

Another man stopped for a Rosary. He also claimed to be familiar with it, but welcomed the pamphlet with pictures for each of the Mysteries.

Two older, non-Catholic Christians stopped when we offered them a free Rosary. E. Chuck explained the devotion to the mother, while e. Lucy explained it to the son. They were happy to receive a tool to help them grow closer to Jesus Christ.

Two teenage girls stopped. One was Christian, the other was not. E. Lucy explained how people who sit down and pray the Rosary experience an unexplained sense of peace and protection. She also briefly explained the devotion, and gave the non-Christian a copy of the kerygma, asking her to take a moment to read the one-page pamphlet. Each girl chose a Rosary for herself and took the pamphlet on how to pray it.

A man on a bike stopped but did not come right up to the table and didn't really respond to our offer of a Rosary or our explanation of the prayer. He told us about a free barbeque he was trying to find and his intent to ride the bicycle to a town about 30 miles away. Finally e. Lucy got him to pick a Rosary and she walked around the table and put it and a pamphlet into his hand. May he seek Christ in prayer.

A man replied to our offer that he wasn't Catholic. We explained the Christ focus of the prayer and showed him the Mysteries in the pamphlet. He studied the pamphlet for a moment, noticing the "spiritual fruit" listed with each mystery and said, "Humility, I've learned that. Poverty of spirit, I've done that." Then he handed the pamphlet back and put the Rosary around his neck, saying he just wanted the reminder of the Cross. May the Crucifix draw him into the fullness of Faith.

One of a trio of men came to the table to choose a Rosary, the other two slowly approached. E. Lucy helped the first man choose a Rosary.  E. Chuck offered one of the other men a Rosary also, and he replied that he wasn't Catholic but he was Christian. After they talked about the Rosary for a bit he chose one and took the pamphlet with thanks. The third man finally also chose one. May this trio of friends draw closer in friendship with the blessed Trinity.

Altogether, the two evangelists gave away another 10-15 Rosaries  and 2-3 copies of the kerygma.

Please pray for us today? Ask God to send people to us with hearts prepared to perceive their need for Our Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and that much good fruit for His Kingdom comes of today’s efforts.


People are glad the find a way to grow closer to Jesus Christ that the Rosary offers. So thank you again for your prayers for this apostolate. In turn, may God protect and greatly bless you and all those you love!



"Go with the strength you have“ (Judg 6:14).