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Chicago North Shore

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Mark Kollar

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DETROIT: Broken Souls In Tears of Joy In June 2019

August 18, 2019

SPSE Team PhotoSPSE Team PhotoSPSE Team PhotoSPSE Team PhotoSPSE Team PhotoSPSE Team PhotoBrothers and Sisters in Christ:

We engaged so many people over 3 days we lost count.  However, we didn't lose count of the 14 people physically and spiritually healed!  We gave out so many Rosary's and Miraculous Medals we lost count of that too.  The best part was welcoming total strangers from the main strip of downtown restaurants and bars to join us at the Detroit Cathedral by giving out candles.  Total strangers that we will never meet again... hundreds of non-Catholics, non- Christians and fallen away Catholics and Christians came in and knelt before the Blessed Sacrament..... we prayed over those that wanted it and mobility restored, pain eliminated, internal pain released.  Tears, hugs and thank you's all over the place.  What a great way to serve our Lord and Savoir by bringing lost souls to Him!  Come out and join us!  THANK YOU JESUS!