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Chicago North Shore

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Mark Kollar

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Celebrating Our Faith Within Quaranteen Restrictions

April 20, 2020

Dear Brother and Sister Evangelizers:

Divine Mercy Sunday was approaching and were still under lock down here in Illinois.  Masks must be worn in public stores etc..  In order to be in full compliance ( No groups of 10 gathering, 6ft. social distancing, masks etc. ) but still celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday we constructed a platform that allowed us to carry the Image but with us being 6ft. apart.  We started at 2:30pm, blessed the church, blessed the Rectory and those within, blessed the school, blessed the food pantry, blessed the admin. building and then at 3pm prayed the chaplet.  Only 7 people knew this was going to happen so that a crowd wouldn't form and thereby force us out of compliance.  Beautiful day.  He is Glorious!  His Mercy is Abundant!  Can't wait to get back out on the streets praying over people at the courthouse and on the streets.  We'll all be back out there soon!

Mark Kollar


Chicago North Shore Chapter

Saint Paul Street Evangelization

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