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The Journey Led To A Pinky and No Piano!

June 3, 2021

Dear SPSE Members:

We started a treasure hunt about 10 days ago and one of the words of knowledge we had was "piano".  Four of us, completely trusting the Holy Spirit with words of knowledge, set out for an adventure to find that piano among other items.  We found 4 "treasures" ( people who were openly receptive and in need of prayer right then and there for a major issue) in 3 hours even though we had to ask many, many souls along the way.  The first was for a lady ( black polka dots - on our H.S. treasure list! ) in a coffee shop wanting prayers for her husband to was diagnosed with cancer.  The next was a lady wearing purple and a large necklace ( on our words of knowledge list! ) who needed prayer for a personal loss and anxiety - she had tears flowing and was in shock that here in this outdoor mall and in front of all these people we prayed for her while one of our team member sang to her in tongues!  Next were two people seated in the photo (See purple pants and straw hat but photo taken after we prayed for them - see the joy!) that were clearly in massive internal pain.  We showed them the form with "purple" and "straw hat" and said we believed she was the treasure we had been looking for.  They both started shaking and about to tear up.  I asked the woman what she needed prayer for and she said "My husband just died but pray for him..." as she pointed to the other man across from her that she was holding hands with.  I asked him what he needed prayer for and he couldn't speak because of the sorrow.  We started praying for him and I knelt down saying " you are the treasure the Holy Spirit wanted us to find!  We have spent 3 hours here and God sent us to you!".  It was one of the most beautiful experiences to let this man know God cared about him.  His mind was completely blown!  We prayed for the two of them for about 30 minutes.  Now on to find that piano ( we were told there was only one in the whole mall ) in Nordstrom's.  We had "men's ties" and "large mirror" on the our list still.  We headed over to men's ties and waited for 2 minutes ( that's the limit ) and as we were about to go upstairs I noticed we were standing next to a 4 sided mirror that surrounded the pillar all the way to the ceiling.  Just then the man in red ( in the photo who is on our prayer team ) asked if we could pray for his pinky.  I noticed it was about 1/4 inch shorter that the right hand.  We prayed over it for about 7 minutes.  It grew right in front of our eyes!  "THANK YOU JESUS! " we all said loudly as we took a moment to pause.  Now on to the piano!  we went to the information desk and asked where the piano was...... he said " we haven't had that piano here for years!" So it was a Holy Spirit set up!  We hunted for something that wasn't there but the Holy Spirit brought us to so many people desperate for His divine love.  Thank you dear God in heaven for honoring holy boldness as Catholic Healing Evangelists!

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