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Chicago North Shore

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Mark Kollar

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At The Beach. Busy Day!

August 29, 2019

Brothers and Sisters In Christ:

What a great day!  Warm 74 degrees, no humidity to speak of, breeze off the lake and thousands of people.  Most of them exercising by running, jogging or riding bikes.  As they whizzed by us our North Shore Chapter was joined by the producer of the movie Fearless (  We gave out about 40 Rosary's in 2.5 hours.  First one we met was a Catholic priest who was reminded to go to confession!  Then later on we have inspired a brand new RCIA candidate into the Catholic faith!  We had huge breakthroughs about our faith with many non-Catholics and we prayed over many others.  Two individuals with the release of deep anxiety with family and work issues with one having a major physical reaction to the Holy Spirit touch which is always amazing to see in person.  Another person had a severe headache of an 8 on a 10 scale and felt nauseous and had to sit down but we prayed over her and within a few minutes completely healed!  THANK YOU JESUS!    What a pleasure to serve our Lord by ministering to the broken, lost, fractured and the ill informed!  SEE PHOTOS BELOW.

Peace In Christ

Mark Kollar

Leader, North Shore Chapter SPSE

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