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"In Development"

August 20, 2021

"In development" is a great phrase. It means, not yet ready, still growing, pain of stretching, exhaustion in training, sadness at setbacks, hope for new horizons, faith in the future. We started door-to-door evangelization in 2016 through the Legion of Mary. It's tough, not for everyone, nor the faint of heart. But, through it all, Mary has pushed and prodded.  This is evidenced by the number of strangers we have encountered during our public recitation of the Rosary. Now a new opportunity has presented itself with Saint Paul Street Evangelization. I hope you will prayerfully consider whether the Lord is calling you to this amazing ministry.  I will be going out to the Lorain County Fair week of August 23 to practice and pray with our brothers in Vermilion and Lorain County. You are all welcome to visit with them as well, to "taste and see."  If you have not yet registered to be on a team, fill out the contact form. Those already receiving an intro email can begin their training right through this website. The online training is wonderful, featuring presenters such as Dr. Mary Healy and Peter Herbeck. Don't forget to come to our public Rosary listed in the church bulletin (you might even get a chance to hone your skills). God bless you for clicking through. Stay tuned for updates.

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