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August 23, 2021

The Blessed Mother is indeed blessing our ministry. Last October, two people approached us while we were saying the Rosary. One was a non-Catholic who wanted to learn the Rosary and how to read the Bible. The other was a Catholic who is currently away from the church.  Last week, someone also approached us who is currently away from church, but he came to pray the Rosary with his own Rosary!  We talked about returning to Confession so he could receive the Holy Eucharist. He took the pamphlet on Confession, and "Returning to the Catholic Church."  God sends "Divine Appointments" even for the Rosary.

As soon as some of you have at least watched the free videos, we can go out. We only need two at a time. Let me know. There is a Farmer's Market going on now at High Point Glen park, Fridays 4pm-7pm until October 1. We can stand on the sidewalk on Front Street downtown, anytime.  When you're ready, let me know. There are some basic standards for evangelizing with SPSE, so we all want to be on the same page, and you have to digitally sign the "Code of Conduct."

Our friends from Lorain County/Vermillion team have this to report from Jamie's Flea Market in Amherst:  Saturday, August 14th; 6 evangelists, prayed with 115, 5 signed up for RCIA, prayed with 7 for addictions, several made the consecration to Jesus.  Saturday, August 21st; report from 1 of the evangelists, he prayed with 73 people, 1 signed up for RCIA (a 19 yo who will go to St. Raphael for class, numerous consecrations to Jesus, prayed for 7 addicts and 2 for healing. All for the glory of God.  This team will be at the Lorain County Fair Mon-Sun 10am-8pm. Stop in and see them, or at least keep them in your prayers, and those whom they meet. I'll be going out on Thursday to meet with them!

Thank you all for your love of Jesus. Thank you all for wanting to share the truth of the Gospel. We need you and each of your unique gifts!!