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Cuyahoga Falls Farmers' Market

September 17, 2021

Our second outing was much more fruitful! Thank you Rita for stepping up and out!Β  We prayed with 11 people and handed out 14 Rosaries. We prayed against alcohol addiction and against cancer. We prayed for conversion for the husband of a Catholic and he was moved to tears. One young woman refused the Rosary then turned around and said, "you know what, I'll take that Rosary."SPSE Team PhotoSPSE Team Photo She had attended her Catholic grandmother's funeral that day and we prayed together for her grandmother and for her own return to the Catholic Church. She accepted wearing a miraculous medal. The woman we prayed for healing of cancer also accepted wearing a miraculous medal. Her friend whom she was visiting just moved to the Falls and is looking for a church. We invited her to St. Joe's and gave her a church bulletin. The woman with alcohol addiction does not go to any church but is a Christian. We invited her to RCIA at St. Joe's on Monday, she lives a block away from the church. We were visited by our old friend Mike who has been following us of late. We also invited him to RCIA at St. Joe's on Monday.

It was a wonderful afternoon and we were joyous over the number of people who turned around and came back for prayer or literature. Thank you Jesus for those you sent to us today. Mother Mary draw them to Jesus. Thank you Lord for our beautiful Catholic Faith!