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Not So Good Neighbors

October 5, 2021

Well, since one of the suggestions was a food pantry, we decided to go across the street from our church and try praying with people using the services of "Good Neighbors" food pantry. The day was foggy and dreary, we could feel the mist from the cloud we were in. We prayed before we headed across the street...a binding prayer and one to the Holy Spirit. We placed our wagon about 4 feet from the driveway before the pantry opened. Unfortunately, it was a new location and we didn't realize people must "preorder" their goods, because they were only driving up in a line to have their trunks loaded. The learning experience came when the person in charge told us to move. We politely told him we had a right to be on the sidewalk. He told us there will no proselytizing in front of his store. We repeated again that we had a right to be there. So, of course, the police were called. They politely told the man we had a right to be there, after which the man quickly called us names and other things and walked away. We stayed for 90 minutes, but seeing no foot traffic from the door to the parking lot we left. We may try again on a non dreary day, especially to prove that we weren't "bullied away." We told the man we'd pray for him. We did give out one rosary with a promise to pray for Paul who was on his way to work.