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A Time of Harvest

November 11, 2021

Well we decided once the weather turned we would wind down for the year. Seems that's going to be impossible. I hope the Lord sends us more laborers in the field as people are creatively finding more and more opportunities to evangelize. This weekend we will go door to door inviting people to our parish. Next weekend we will do the same or in the downtown shopping district. The last weekend of November (big shopping weekend) we have a joint outing planned at a shopping district with a brand new team we have been mentoring. Today, I met with other ministry leaders and they thought of creative ways to use us:  door to door to new home buyers, set up at the soup kitchen with the Knights of Columbus. I am excited at all the opportunities God has provided to share the Good News.

Also this month we tried some training through Zoom. It went well and I will repeat the trainings every other month or so if we bring new people on board. In fact, there are people who are interested in the training for use in their own ministry. Happy to share the good news and the camaraderie. Never know who may be a new recruit. It is amazing to get a slight glimpse into "Kingdom Living" when people reach out to one another to help and's here, but not yet, but getting closer!

Our parish is ramping up for great Advent activities. I also got a chance to meet with a leader in a neighboring parish in our territory. Hopefully that will also open some doors.  We made the top 10 so far in the Great Commission Leader Board for the country with 39 outings in spite of our late start in the year. Thank you to those team members who made that possible. We are coming up on #WeGiveCatholic.  Be sure to forward our website to whomever you think might be interested in helping us financially. All materials are usually purchased out of pocket by the Team Leader, so we gladly accept donations from those who are willing. Your donation goes directly to our store to offset the cost of literature, rosaries and medals which we purchase and give away.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to be upgraded from Prayer Warrior to Evangelist or be invited to the Zoom trainings. As I told the women's group I spoke to, the holidays bring ample opportunity to evangelize our fallen away relatives. #ComeHomeToTheCatholicChurch.  Love and grateful prayers for you all as we prepare for Thanksgiving.SPSE Team Photo