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Our Final Street Outing of the Season

November 28, 2021

11-27-21 Chagrin Falls, Ohio

SPSE Team PhotoSPSE Team PhotoSPSE Team PhotoIt was very cold, the wind chill factor dropping us below freezing. It was great to meet up with a few people from the St. Helen’s Newbury, Ohio team.

Traffic was brisk. Everyone walked with a purpose. Very few people gave us a second glance, some even ignoring our hellos and offers for prayer.

I prayed with Brian who requested healing prayer for his father, Glen. Antonio stopped and spoke with three of us. He accepted a miraculous medal and literature on “Why Become Catholic” and “The Eucharist.” He said he belonged to no church and just prayed on his own. My conversation with him led us to a discussion of what the “body of Christ” means and why we need “church” to help us on our way. He also loved Scripture which led me to ask him about John 6:53-54 which is how we segued into “The Eucharist” being “one good reason” to be Catholic. Sue shared the beauty of Catholics reading the same Scripture verse at Mass in every church throughout the world. We invited him to consider becoming a Catholic, and then prayed the “Our Father” together. Peg prayed with Charlotte who had no particular religion and I believe she accepted a Miraculous Medal.

Rita had a lengthy encounter with a young couple. She writes:

“I am not accustomed to being completely ignored. Most of my surroundings are in polite society and so when someone acts as if they don't hear me, I sometimes press..."Hello, sir?". It can dampen the heart, much to my chagrin.

“I was then privileged to meet a young dating couple. The young man was all smiles, friendly. He said he was a believer and then something about the universe. 'And do you have a relationship with the God of the universe? We Catholics here worship only the triune God. How's your relationship with Him?' He said he looks like Jesus because of his long hair. I said you are a beautiful image of Jesus. They both explained their Catholic background, she a cradle Catholic and he, the son of a Catholic mother. He crossed himself and I said did you know that's a prayer and he said he had just learned that. I then explained why body motions and touching sacramentals help us along our faith walk. I explained the rosary then and they each excitedly took one. Then the questions came. They wanted to know about love and if I believed that there was just one soulmate for a person, created by God. I got to explain free-will in choosing Jesus, the meaning of love being to will the good of another and the purpose of marriage being to help your spouse get to heaven and live a holy life. She asked can people who never hear the gospel of Jesus go to heaven. At the end, we prayed following the ACTS method with our supplication being, send your Holy Spirit to guide us on our journey in seeking truth. Afterwards he boldly hugged me...long and big. I told him this (hugging) is why Jesus wants to have a physical relationship with man. He knows how much we need to touch Him and each other.”

All in all, we left knowing we had planted a few seeds. Our meditation in our Advent faith sharing this morning at church was Psalm 46. It reminded me how sad the day before had been that surrounded by Christmas decorations and activities, very few wanted to talk about Christ.