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Detroit - Eastern Market

Country: United States
State or province: Michigan

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Mark Nemecek

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Holy Saturday Evangelization

April 17, 2023

Anne, Greg, and I evangelized at Eastern Market on Holy Saturday; it was a sunny and mild day and our first outing of the year. Many passersby wished us a Happy Easter but wouldn't stop to talk.
A group of two men and one woman stopped and asked us to pray for them. The woman, Aisha, asked for greater obedience. I told her that was a very good thing to pray for and I told her that pride and disobedience are the sources of all sin. We gathered in a circle, held hands and I led the prayer. Willie opened up and talked about his struggles with alcoholism and how the addiction has damaged his life. Anne listened to Willie, helped to console him, and encouraged him to lean on the Lord for strength.
In the end, we handed out about 25 Miraculous Medals and holy cards as well as a dozen Rosaries. More importantly, we encouraged many people to go to church on Easter Sunday.

SPSE Team Photo

SPSE Team Photo