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Detroit - Eastern Market

Country: United States
State or province: Michigan

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Mark Nemecek

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07/17/21 - three teams collaborate

July 23, 2021

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Sean, the team leader from Tempe, Arizona, recently visited Detroit and evangelized with the Eastern Market team last Saturday. Timothy, team leader from Alma/St. Louis in central Michigan, made the 140-mile trek to Detroit. Timothy previously evangelized with Sean when he was visiting Arizona. Mark and Steve from the national office as well as two evangelization students also joined. We split up into three stations since we had six evangelists. We each covered a different corner of the same, busy intersection.

Sean spoke to several devout Catholics and invited them to evangelize with us. We spoke about the responsibility to share our faith, especially since so many people are so far away from God. Sean and Mark had a lengthy conversation with a young couple in their early-mid twenties. The young woman is practicing Catholic and knows a fair amount about the Faith. Her boyfriend is not Catholic and not particularly religious, however, he has attended Mass in the past. Sean talked about the importance of faith in a serious relationship, especially if they decide to marry and have children. They both agreed and listened intently. Sean explained that if a couple has differing viewpoints on important issues it will inevitably cause strain on their relationship. Sean gave his testimony about his own marriage and how a shared religion has produced great results in his marriage. We prayed with the couple, for their discernment and spiritual growth, then both accepted rosaries and pamphlets. The boyfriend accepted a "Why Be Catholic?" pamphlet, promised to read it and follow up with her priest.

SPSE Team Phote SPSE Team Phote